Don't Feed On Me  is the fourth and final single from The McKenzie FIX debut album 'Pandora's Box', out on January 17th.  Released on Crystal Seven Records, the song has received encouraging feedback from reviewers:  

''Sprawling and ambitious, “Don’t Feed On Me” features a clever narrative that unfurls with majesty'' (entropymag.org)   

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/themckenziefix/the-mckenzie-fix-dont-feed-on-me  or check out the lyric video below!


NOVEMBER 2020            

                          Our first releases on Crystal Seven Records  are the debut album and third single from The McKenzie FIX

Pandora's Box comes out on November 20th 2020. This 12 track record contains the band's first two self releases Alone  and The Shining  along with new single Martin and The Artist  which is the first ever single to be released on Crystal Seven Records.

The album explores a surreal mixture of Gothic dream imagery with a distinctly 80's pop flair. There is a supernatural quality to the entirety of the record. Songs blend together into a vast kaleidoscopic array of colours. A true ear for melody appears throughout as there is a unique gracefulness to the way that these pieces unfurl. Layer upon layer gets applied with such care as the sound at times veers into the absolute symphonic.

By far the highlight of the album, blending its dark and light influences is the soulful third single Martin & The Artist. The build-up of the piece feels gorgeous, from the synthesised strings to the otherworldly storytelling.

Pandora’s Box shows off a theatrical flair and a clever knack for pacing, proofing the McKenzie FIX to be creators of their
own strange and wonderful sonic world.

Find out more:  www.facebook.com/themckenziefix      www.themckenziefix.co.uk      www.soundcloud.com/themckenziefix